Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cover Concepts for The Last Days of Jericho


Just playing around with cover concepts right now. The writing is a little ahead of schedule, so I'm thinking about promotion today.

Let me know which one you prefer!

Between the two, I think that I personally like the second one better. But the first one's basic image is available on a Creative Commons basis, and the second one's basic image would have to be licensed. So I'm going back and forth.


Friday, March 19, 2010

De Bello Lemures Reaches 500 Sales


I had a funny feeling while I was checking out my Kindle sales total for March - I think my subconscious was doing some math on its own again.

So I decided to calculate the sales total across both the Kindle and paperback versions since De Bello Lemures was released on 10/24/2009.

I was pleased to see that as of this afternoon, we have reached the 500 total sales mark.

I'll need to pick that pace up a little to meet my first-year goal of 1500 copies for this title. Sales growth has been fairly steady, though, so I still think it's eminently doable.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy, either in paperback or for the Kindle. And thank you to everyone who has written an Amazon review, or been kind enough to mention it or me on their blog.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Days of Jericho Back Cover Text


I've been making decent progress on The Last Days of Jericho recently. I've managed to get into a routine where 1000 words a day is pretty much the norm.

To reward myself, I took a few minutes and indulged in a little "back cover blurb" writing. I hate writing loglines, but I love playing with back cover text. Here's the general concept so far:

"A monster is approaching the city of Yarich.

"It cannot be stopped. It cannot be turned aside.

"It's getting closer every day.

"And the monster is...God Himself."

I need more explanatory text below this, so that it won't appear to be a Left Behind book. But this is what I'm looking at right now.