Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shylock of Venice Now Available in Paperback.


It took a couple of CreateSpace proofs to get it done, but The Most Extreme Crueltie and Revenge of Shylock of Venice is now available in paperback for $9.95.

Right now it's only up at Amazon. Barnes and Noble and 3rd party booksellers should have it in a few more weeks, when the CreateSpace Expanded Distribution clicks in.


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  1. These are all quotes from Radley Balko concering James O'Keefe from the last 6 months alone. I wonder why he encourages taping police, but not US Senate offices, or NPR?

    •James O’Keefe bars spectators from recording his speech.
    •James O’Keefe reaches new depths of despicableness. Worse, he’s spawning imitators.
    •James O’Keefe bars spectators from recording his speech.
    •There’s so much real investigative journalism conservatives could be doing on government waste, incompetence, accountability, and transparency. It’s pathetic that donors on the right keep handing over money for these moronic “stings”. The right needs 10 more Tim Carneys. Instead, they keep churning out James O’Keefes.
    •Holding Andrew Breitbart to the same standards he holds ACORN. It’s a fair point.
    Joining Me Now To Discuss What James O’Keefe’s Latest Video Means for Obama’s Plan for Libya, Are Democratic Strategist Bob Beckell, and Republican Advisor Dick Morris (Link has babies talking, really funny stuff.