Tuesday, November 10, 2009

De Bello Lemures Now Just $0.99 for the Kindle


When I made the edits described in my earlier post below, I took the opportunity to change the Kindle price at the same time.

New purchasers of Kindle copies will now get the "new iteration" of the book, and will get it for only $0.99.

Basically I've discovered that my Amazon sales rank in the Kindle store dramatically fluctuates as a result of minor changes in the number of copies sold per day. The sales rank crests and ebbs like the tide as individual copies are sold, and as time passes between sales. I'm lowering the price to try to push myself higher during the "crests". If you can get on and stay on some of the bestseller pages it helps product visibility a lot.

With the "Kindle for the PC" app coming out this month, at some point there will be a wave of new users looking for content, and I want to be highly visible when that happens.


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